Secure Basement Windows

The Home Guard Secure Basement Hopper window has a sash that tilts out at the top – making it an ideal choice for basement window applications. The sash and frame both contain chambers that reduce thermal transfer keeping your heating and cooling bill low year round. The sash and frame are both fusion-welded for strength and weather resistance.
Like all of our windows the Home Guard Secure Basement Hopper windows have the accessory groove around the master frame that allows creative stacking and mulling of multiple units and the easy application of supplemental profiles. The Home Guard Secure Basement Hopper window is available with or without an integral nailing fin.

HGI Hopper Secure Basement Window
HGI Hopper Secure Basement Window

We call it The Home Guard SECURE Basement Hopper window because of the increased security with our polycarbonate glazing panel. This panel has double wall construction and internal members for tremendous strength and impact resistance, which is especially important in basement window applications.

Polycarbonate is virtually indestructible. Even when bricks are thrown at the substance, it does not break. It’s an excellent choice for high traffic areas and high wind areas.

Light Weight – This correlates to reduced shipping costs and quicker installations.

Thickness – Our Polycarbonate glass unit is 1 inch thick over all

Diffused Daylight – Direct sunlight entering a room or building can often cast glares. Polycarbonate diffuses the light it allows into the room. This is a valuable option for rooms with computer screens.

Environmental – Because Polycarbonate is a plastic based product, it can be recycled.

Higher Light Transmission – Polycarbonate blocks the sun’s UV Rays.

Strength -10 times stronger than acrylic and 200 times stronger than glass.

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